pedestrianPedestrian Accidents

People walk to work, some walk to dinner, and kids walk to school. Pedestrian accidents are a common occurrence due to the many individuals that walk and cross major streets.

Victims in pedestrian accidents are usually severely injured. Injuries may include broken bones or a brain injury. It’s vital to have a personal injury law firm to get you the compensation you deserve. At The Law Office Of Andy Basseri we have handled numerous pedestrian cases and have recovered outstanding settlements against the insurance companies.

Future medical care, future rehab, and the loss of income for many years may be needed in your case. Our office works with respected medical experts and economists to maximize the compensation you receive.

Even if you are partially at fault or even totally at fault for the accident, our office can still assist. At The Law Offices Of Andy Basseri we have had pedestrian clients who were found to be partially at fault, or even completely at fault on the police report. Our aggressive representation still led to a substantial settlement. In California, due to the rule of comparative negligence, you as a victim who even contributed to the accident can still recover for your injuries.

Services-CTAIf you or a loved one have been involved in a pedestrian accident,

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